70 years ago, at the dawn of the technological revolution, the world’s economies and businesses were lead by a union of 12 corporate giants. They had the influential power to exceed national frameworks with their stance of utilising the Other World, but avoiding intervention in the surface world, they basically carried on without interfering with cross-national conflicts. While the participating companies of each nation are in mutual cooperation with each other, there is also competition in the fields of new energy, the Doryoku Network, the Xiphone, and high-tech materials obtained from the Other World. Two of Zodiac’s groups are based in Japan—the Hokuto Group and Amano Works. Hokuto has been a key member since Zodiac’s inception, but Amano took the place of Suruga Heavy Industries, which was part of Zodiac as of several years ago. While Zodiac often cooperates with Nemesis in the fields of new technologies and Soul Devices, they didn’t have any conflicts until the secret feud over the treatment of the Other world.

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