Cross Drive

X-Drive usage in Tokyo Xanadu.

X-Drive (X(クロス)ドライブ Cross Drive, "Cross Drive") is a battle system feature implemented in the Tokyo Xanadu series. The X-Drives power is accessed through the Xiphone of each character and activated through their Soul Device.

During battle, when the Drive Gauge reaches 100 percent, characters can activate their “X-Drive.” In the time before the gauge depletes to 0 percent, your damage increases and you’re immune to status ailments. Co-op attacks with your partner character will also receive a significant boost. Depending on the makeup of the party, the Cross Drive will provide different additional effects.

In the PlayStation 4 version, Tokyo Xanadu eX+, the player can fight alongside a partner character using the X-Drive. It is a state where both the player character and partner character see a full-scale power-up. Additionally, in the PlayStation 4 version, when a character triggers their X-Drive, the partner character will also appear on the battlefield. During the trigger period, players will be able to fight in cooperation with them.


When the Strike Point at the bottom right of the screen is filled (it is the hexagonal icon), which is accumulated by landing standard and skill attack combos, players can trigger an Cross Strike, which is a special move specific to each character. Here is a list of character-specific cross strike techniques:

Kou Tokisaka: Extend Gear — Kou’s anchor gear slashes like a whip and slices the surrounding enemies. After that, the anchor gear enlarges and flies into the center of the surrounding enemies, unleashing Kou’s strongest move on the enemies in the front.

Asuka Hiiragi: Criminal Brand — After letting out a series of rapid, continuous attacks, Asuka jumps into the sky and throws her Soul Device directly at the enemy, creating a huge crystal flower that blooms and deals serious damage to the enemies.

Sora Ikushima: Fuujin Kokushou — After unleashing a barrage that steams in parts created by high speeds, Sora focuses energy between her hands and attacks with a huge ball of energy.

Yuuki Shinomiya: Variable Meteor — Yuuki’s Soul Peridium multiplies and in a curve-like movement attacks the enemy from all angles. After that, the several Soul Peridium’s fuse to create one giant Soul Peridium, and like a meteor drops at the enemy from high in the sky.

Combining X-Drives and X-Strikes

When a character triggers their Cross Drive, it makes it easier to stack up combos, meaning they can also accumulate Strike Points for Cross Strikes easier. This will become useful in taking on enemies of various sizes and more difficult enemies alike.

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