Wakaba Yuzuki
Wakaba Yuzuki
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"In order to not lose to my seniors, I will do my best!"
—Wakaba's quote, Tokyo Xanadu

Wakaba Yuzuki (柚木ユズキ 若葉ワカバ Yuzuki Wakaba) is a sub character in Tokyo Xanadu. She is a second generation member of SPiKA. She is courageous and kind, will worry for anyone, and has a strong sense of respect for her three senior members.

Although she is not putting out any projects yet, she is expected to in the future and is thus always working hard on her appearance, but currently has very few fans. While the other members of SPiKA are called by name by their fans, Wakaba is the only member referred to as “Wakaba-chan”, with the suffix because of her mascot-like cuteness.


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