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Tokyo Xanadu is a japanese role-playing video game for the PlayStation Vita.
It is being developed and published by Nihon Falcom for release in September 30, 2015 in Japan.
This wiki is work in progress as the game is still in development, everybody are welcome to edit!


17 year-old Kou Tokisaka is your everyday high schooler who lives in Morimiya on the outskirts of Tokyo. On his way back from work one late night, though, in an old part of town, he finds himself caught up in a certain “incident….”

Meanwhile, having returned from overseas and transferred into school in April, Asuka Hiiragi is an attractive girl with an affable, friendly personality who’s made for a popular class president. That doesn’t stop her from getting caught up dealing with a group of brash delinquents who try to take her somewhere, though.

Catching sight of this, Kou follows them off to a back alley. It’s there that he’s met with the sight of a beautiful, yet horrifying space, as well as that of the delinquents practically eaten by an indescribable monster known as a Greed.

And then from thin air emerges “her” pulling out a blade that shines a blue light….



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  • 07.03.2016: Aksys Games has picked up Tokyo Xanadu, it was one of the many games that showed briefly during their AX 2016 panel. The game will launch sometime in 2017 on the PS Vita and on Steam. It will have a digital and physical release.
  • 09.03.2015: More details about its mini-game; Skateboarding, Gate of Avalon and Magical Girl Alisa here
  • 08.26.2015: Falcom had released the DL version of SPiKA Mini-album! You can buy them in iTunes here
  • 08.21.2015: Falcom has released a 5 minute trailer of Tokyo Xanadu! Watch it in the Featured Video below!
  • 07.30.2015: New Tokyo Xanadu CM is out now highlighting some opening sequences and song! Watch it in the Featured Video below!
  • 07.23.2015: Tokyo Xanadu presents a mysterious man in white and other organizations. Read more here
  • 07.21.2015: Change your attribute with the Master Core system! Read more here
  • 07.16.2015: The new Zodiac leader candidate and a mascot has been revealed. A new feature called Kizuna lets you explore deeper character's background. Read more here
  • 07.10.2015: New Tokyo Xanadu trailer is out now! Watch it in the Featured Video below!
  • 07.08.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces Rem, the mysterious person who resides on the Other World. Read more here
  • 07.02.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces Goro Saeki and the Xiphone app. Read more here
  • 06.25.2015: One of the characters from Trails of Cold Steel is making a comeback! Our new homeroom teacher, Towa Kokonoe's character introduction. Read more here
  • 06.11.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces the SPIKA idol group and Rion. Read more here
  • 05.28.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces Shio Takahata and the main cast's CV. Read more here
  • 05.14.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces Mitsuki Hokuto and the Zodiac organization. Read more here
  • 04.30.2015: More details about Tokyo Xanadu's Cross Drive and Cross Strike battle system. Read more here
  • 04.23.2015: Tokyo Xanadu introduces details about Yuuki. Read more here
  • 04.21.2015: Tokyo Xanadu has been set to release at Sept. 10! More details about it's system here
  • 04.02.2015: Falcom released details about the combat system here
  • 03.26.2015: Additional information about Sora Ikushima in Dengeki Playstation. Read more here

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