SPiKA Mini Album - Seize the Day
SPiKA Mini Album Seize the Day
Seize the day (東亰ザナドゥ主題歌)
Seize the day (Tokyo Xanadu Shudaika)
Release Date Download - August 26, 2015
CD - September 25, 2015
Format CD, Download
No. of Tracks 3 songs
Length 11:61
Genre Music
Game Soundtrack
Label Nihon Falcom
Falcom Sound Team jdk

SPiKA Mini Album - Seize the Day contains the opening themes for Tokyo Xanadu and its mini-game Magical Girl Alisa along with a full version of Wish☆Wing. It is available in normal version (AAC-LC 320kbps) and a high-resolution DL version (FLAC 96.0kHz/24bit) format for the download version.

Tracklist (English)

  1. Seize the Day (Tokyo Xanadu Opening Theme Song)
  2. Shooting Star of Love (Magical Girl Alisa Opening Theme Song)
  3. Wish☆Wing

Tracklist (Japanese)

  1. Seize the day (東亰ザナドゥ主題歌)
  2. 恋のシューティングスター (魔法少女☆まじかるアリサ主題歌)
  3. Wish☆Wing
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