Reika Kisaragi
Reika Kisaragi
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"It will be a perfect stage. Imagine that it's a prelude live anniversary...!"
—Reika's quote, Tokyo Xanadu

Reika Kisaragi (如月キサラギ 怜香レイカ Kisaragi Reika) is a sub character in Tokyo Xanadu. She is one of SPiKA’s initial members, and a friend of Rion Kugayama's from when they were in training school.

Reika is very prideful and strict regarding herself and others, and always pursues the perfect concert performance. The tallest of SPiKA, she also works as a model thanks to her exceptional looks and style. She is popular among male fans, as well as young female fans. According to fans, she likes card games and is actually quite good. This comes to light as she is the level 9 opponent in the Gate of Avalon game at the arcade that the player can challenge late in the game.


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