Haruna Tendou
Haruna Tendou
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"ー準備はいい、みんな? 今日もキラキラしたステージにしよう!"
"ーEveryone, are you ready? We'll also make the stage sparkle today!"
—Haruna's quote, Tokyo Xanadu

Haruna Tendou (天堂テンドウ 陽菜ハルナ Tendou Haruna) is a sub character in Tokyo Xanadu. Haruna has beautiful black hair, a pure attitude, and with orthodox idol charm. She was an initial member of SPiKA with Rion Kugayama and Reika Kisaragi, and works hard every day to win the centre position over them.

She has the looks of a heroine, with many facial expressions and talent as an actress, having recently appeared in dramas and theatre shows. She might soon be selected as the commercial character for a major corporation, according to rumours.


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