Gorou Saeki
Gorou Saeki Render
Kanji 佐伯・吾郎(サエキ・ゴロウ)
Rōmaji Saeki Gorou
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 28 (2015 setting)
Affiliation Orden

Japan Self Defense Force (Previous) Xanadu Research Club
(Club Vice-Advisor)

Media Appearances
Game Tokyo Xanadu
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Toshiyuki Morikawa
"Everyone will do their best in each step together with me too."
—Gorou's quote, Tokyo Xanadu

Gorou Saeki (佐伯サエキ 吾郎ゴロウ Saeki Gorou) is a sub character in Tokyo Xanadu. He is hired at Morimiya High School as a temporary teacher. He is a playable character later on in the story.


A handsome, temporary lecturer at Morimiya High School with a body comparable to that of a model. He teaches English. In addition to his good looks, he is very intelligent and has a unique sense of humor. Following his new appointment at the school, he became immediately popular among its female students. In the beginning, the boys of the school were jealous of the teacher, but given his openhearted character and lack of discrimination between his male and female students, he is proven difficult to hate, and is gradually gaining the trust of his male students. Gorou’s hobbies include mountain climbing, and on his days off, doing field work at various historic sites. He is a bit of an outdoor enthusiast.






  • His relation with his childhood friend is a foreshadowment on Kou and Shiori's relationship.
  • Gorou's voice actor, Toshiyuki Morikawa, also voices Arios Maclaine from The Legend of Heroes: Zero & Ao no Kiseki duology.
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