This page features a number of translations from the original Japanese version of the games to the translated English version of the game. Note that many of the translations in the English version meander the original name, concept or wording. An example would be Asuka Hiiragi's Soul Device, generally romanised as Excellion Hearts but translated into English as Ecthelion Hearts.


A list of translations for Soul-Device items and other spiritually-enhanced weapons. Original ⇔ English.

  • Raging Gear : Anchor Gear
  • Excellion = Hearts : Ecthelion Hearts
  • Variant Arm : Valiant Arm
  • Calvary Mace
  • Vorpal Weapon
  • Mystic Node
  • Seraphim Layer
  • Alka Regus : Arc Legus
  • Arc Trinity

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